Are you looking to spend some quality time in Toronto but you’ not sure where to start? Then you have to check out the Wicked Musical starting on the 20th of October. Featuring the untold story of the Witches of OZ, the musical is an engaging fairy-tale based on the novel of Gregory Maguire. Recognized as the most successful musicals in 2010, Wicked will take place at the Canon Theatre, as a courtesy of the Mirvish Productions.  Suitable for families with children, the show is one of the most awaited events in Canada. Have fun, set your mind free and enjoy your journey to Oz land.

After being the winner of 3 Tony Awards, the show is not just for children. Adults are more than welcomed to give it a try as well. Recently called “the defining musical of the decade”, the show is certainly one of the most awaited autumn events in Toronto. Find out what everything is all about, and get the real story behind the famous Wizard of Oz, with the innovative Witches of Oz. The story is all about the battle between good and bad, and it is a show suitable for children who will certainly have something  to learn from it. Appreciate the genuine story and get ready to be teleported into a totally imaginary universe with the amazing Wicked musical.

Regarding tickets, the average cost start at $35 for kids under 16 years old, and it can get up to $129 for adults and seniors. The entire experience will definitely be magical because it’s innovative and entreating. In a modern world where people are not that interested in musicals anymore, Wicked had managed to get to the top because of its free spirit and easy to understand story. The very first time when Wicked was launched in 2003, fans simply were stunned by the performances of the main actresses Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth, who alternated the roles of good witch and bad witch. Extremely alluring and eye catching, the show will certainly have a positive impact on the people of Toronto. In addition, the musical is known to be an international event famous all over the world. London, Sydney and New York are just some of the cities where Wicked was already played. The professionalism of the actors and the message of the overall play will definitely make people want to see more.

The story is simply flawless and perfect, while the technical side of the musical will make people dive into the Wicked world. The costumes and the effects have also managed to attract fans who are just mesmerized every time they have the chance to witness the compelling musical.

Phone:   416-872-1212 

Make sure to take public transportation or call a car service to arrange your transportation needs for the night. 

address: The Canon Theatre, Toronto CA