Opened for the first time in 1979, the Market Gallery is one of Toronto’s most compelling art exhibitions. The location of the gallery is on St. Lawrence Market and the beginning of the setting started off as an intimate art display. Once with the expansion of the city, the gallery also succeeded to become more interesting, exclusive and outgoing. Innovative illustrations and brand new concepts started to become appealing to the people.


The Market Gallery is also a changing demonstration of Canadian part history and culture. The art collections featured are simply inspiring for the people of Toronto, as well as for tourists around the world. The main purpose is to highlight and support past artistry, in order to be admired by the entire world. Ever since it’s grand opening, the Market Gallery had over 90 fantastic exhibitions displayed. Pointing out the exceptional social development of the city, enthusiasts are more than welcomed to come and have a closer look at the displays. In addition, the Market Gallery is also about supporting cultural development. Over the years, Toronto has undergone tremendous modifications in terms of art conception and understanding. For this matter, the idea of combining the past with the present is extremely inspiring for the people.  The locating is ideal for those who appreciate 19th fine art, as well as 20th century demonstrations.


Besides, the Market Gallery is also looking to be diverse. Apart from paintings and incredible designs, the location supports document exhibitions as well. Maps and papers are also valued by the people interested in the city’s past. Exceptional photography is highlighted at the display so as to give fns an idea about the cultural side of the city over the years. People photographs, places and traditions are caught on camera and turned into pure art on paper. Famous names and well known artists had the chance to show off their masterpieces to the world and get numerous positive critics. Supporting the community, the Market Gallery is all about sustaining folklore. Moreover, the display focuses on remembering the traditional side of Toronto forever.

 Opened from 10:00am on Wednesday and from 9:00am on Saturday, people are more than welcomed to come and see what everything is all about. Discern the secretive Canadian talent and decide to esteem such breathtaking creations. The Market Gallery also supports educational programs meant to teach people more about the role and purpose of art in society. Regarding some of the best displays, Toronto Island Narratives, Past and Present, Art & Artefact: Fine and Decorative Art from the City of Toronto's Collections and Historical exhibit frames have really managed to win people over. Pay a visit to the exhibition, appreciate the city of Toronto and find out more about its oldest neighborhood, St. Lawrence Market.



Address: South St. Lawrence Market 95 Front St. E. Second Floor Toronto, ON M5E 1C2

Phone: 416-392-7604      

Gallery hours:    Wednesday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm
                              Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm