The Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art
Published: Jan 27, 2011

Toronto features from the 18th of July 2010, a brand new edition of the Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art. Promoted every year by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), the celebration is a great opportunity for music lovers to experience innovative beats and listen to the most unforgettable contemporary sounds. The location of the festivity is on Toronto Islands, as well as the Artscape Wychwood Barns on Christie Street.

To promote music and different genres, the Sound Travels Festival brings out refreshing ambiance to the table by promoting Electro acoustic music. Suitable for youngsters, the events holds on the entire summer season until September, and it presents various concerts and shows for the people to esteem. The whole idea behind the entire show is to create art with the help of music, and thus make useful all kinds of instruments. Micro-transmitters, recording equipment and all sort of editing software will be used in the Sound Festival this year in order to promote the fact that there’re can be beautiful sounds without professional training. Some of the most featured genres will be ambient, radio art, sounds capes, live radio, noise and others.


Part of the greater performances, are various concerts held in August entitled, Breakfast – a morning ritual performances by Matt Miller, Rob Piilonen and Sam Morgenstein, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium Concerts, Expansive Spirits Concert and many more. The entire event is an ideal opportunity to discover new perspectives of contemporary electronic music. Thus, everyone is free to choose their favorite beat, so as to spend an amazing concert day at The Sound Travel in Toronto. 2010 hosts the 12th edition of the summer celebration, where thousands of spectators, fans and performers are being awaited to come and put their talent to the test.


Tickets for the event are available online at , and the price varies from 10$ to 15$. Moreover, in case you’re not interested to buy a ticket, the Sound Festival highlights various concerts free of costs as well, especially in the beginning of the event, on the 18th of July. Maybe a free performance will prove that he entire concert is worth visiting. Due to its originality, innovative style and lively atmosphere, the entire summer season in Toronto will certainly turn out to be a grand success. All teenagers will be more than thrilled to take part on the spectacular celebration because it’s exactly what young people like, electronic music.

And since they say that the louder the better, the Sound Travel offers just that, amazing vibes, cool atmosphere and the best music. The entire list of performance is available at , the official website, as well as any additional information about getting there and program hours.

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The Host, Toronto
Published: Jan 27, 2011

   Opened for the first time in 1997, The Host is a well-known Indian Restaurant located in Yorkville, on Prince Arthur Avenue. The location is really close to main attractions like The Eaton Center and the Royal Ontario Museum, which gives all customers the perfect chance to explore the city, while stopping by the Host to have a quick snack, or a long relaxing dinner. Part of the Summerlicious Program in 2010, the bistro is one of the best in Toronto with fine dining, friendly staff and traditional cooking, so as to endow everyone with the alluring and temping Indian tastes. In case you haven’t tried Indian before, now it’s the time to do it.


The interior design of the place is covered in mirrors to make it even bigger and more hospitable. The space is quite wide and modernly designed combining traditional Indian décor with contemporary Canadian influences. As for private dining, The Host features various small rooms for groups and meetings conferences or intimate parties. To create an amazing menu, all recipes are genuine from India, while all ingredients are fresh and smoothly utilized, in order to make up in the end a delicious repast for customers.


Since Indian food is all about transforming vegetables into delicious cuisine, the skill all chefs need has to be impeccable. Vegetarian delicates are among the most luscious dishes Indian people can possibly make: the triangular potatoes stuffed pastry and the vegetable pakora & onion bhajia are among the most appreciated assortments. For those who actually enjoy meat, chicken dishes like murg nisha, or seafood like grilled shrimps tossed with tomatoes, are just water melting. The objective of The Host Restaurant is to make all its customers find out more about the delicious Indian cooking. Therefore, authenticity and innovation are also among the most important ingredients when it’s about food preparation. As they say it at The Host, "the use of two important ingredients - patience and passion" has be perfectly mixed up with technique to create in the end ideal dishes and delicious Indian tastes.


The bistro is extremely hospitable, with great staff and relaxing Indian music on the background to esteem. Apart from the menu, the overall atmosphere within The Host is soothing and comfortable for every type of customer. The average price per menu is around 50$, which is actually convenient taking into consideration how sophisticated and complex all Indian dishes are. To make a reservation just dial (416)962-HOST (4678), and have your favorite table prepared. Furthermore, the official website of the restaurant  can also help you with additional information, complete menu list and other locations of The Host, besides Yorkville Toronto.

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Rinx, Toronto
Published: Jan 27, 2011

Rinx is one of Toronto’s largest entertainment facilities, which covers an area of 125,000 squares and it is located on Orfus Road. Made specifically for leisure and fun, the location has numerous rooms, each one with a different type of activity.  From meeting rooms to  private parties, from bowling to mini golf and laser tag, the location is surely a great places when it’s about having fun in Toronto. Even conference gatherings need to loosen up and have a drink sometimes. Therefore, the Rinx is the ultimate destination for everyone who’s bored of common daily activities.


For big parties, the staff from the Rinx will make sure to create the best ambiance with the most cheerful vibes and decorations. A professional coordinator will make sure that every customer is satisfied with the result, while the overall atmosphere throughout the celebration has to be flawless. The music, the food, the cake and the design will be ensured by a professional who will look after your party so as to end up just like it started, great. Each program and festivity comes along with a package. Thus, for birthdays, the staff will also ensure invitations, a gift for the guest of honor and at least 1 hour of full room access. For additional activities, all parties may include the most appreciated sports at Rinx: ice skating, ball hockey, laser tag and many other engaging actions for a limited cost per person, which can be discussed on the phone with one of the staff from the Rinx.


Apart from casual celebrations, the facility also organizes formal parties, which also come along with fine catering food, all the fun activities already mentioned, as well as full privacy within one the numerous accommodations. It’s never easy to organize a big event and therefore, Rinx features the perfect candidate to ensure the success of your party. No matter the reason of your event, the staff will be professional enough to provide fine service system and smooth, comfortable atmosphere for all visitors. It’s exciting to combine business with pleasure sometimes. To close an important deal it is essential to have a great time, relax and enjoy some relaxation before the big step. As for children’s events, every kid wants a big birthday with lots of balloons and some additional sports to take advantage of.


To reserve a room and to ask for more details about pricing dial 416-410-RINX (7469). The staff from the Rinx will be more than thrilled to answer any additional questions you might have regarding catering food as well, costs for the fun activities or the exact location of the facility. Furthermore, the official website might also help customers with a full list of games and sports, as well as rooms and service system.

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Fairview Mall
Published: Jan 27, 2011

     The Fairview Mall is one of the most appreciated shopping centers in Toronto created for the first time in 1970 changes and transformed over the years; its last major reconstruction was in 2008 when a 90$ million renovation took place and the mall got bigger and more crowded than ever before. Dwelling numerous famous shops, various cafes, a food court and also numerous luxurious restaurants, the place is the ideal spot for some relaxation with friends and families. Opened daily from 10:00am, the mall is located on Sheppard Avenue, rather close from Don Mills Subway Station in Toronto.


The owners of the gigantic shopping center are Cadillac Fairview and Ivanhoe Cambridge, two of Canada’s most influential real estate agents. The mall has over 260 stores located on the ground floor, as well as on the two upper floors. From the multitude of boutiques and brands, some of the most recognized ones are Sephora, H&M, Apple and Zara. Furthermore, for entertainment, the Fairview features the Cineplex SilverCity, a multiplex with daily updates on the latest movies, as well as various eating-places for people to take advantage of. McDonalds, Made in Japan, Taco Bell and New York Fries are just of the many choices when it comes to food. Full of shopping enthusiasts especially on weekends, the Fairview has everything from clothes to electronics to accessories, to please the needs of every customer.


For women, the most visited shops are The Body Shop and Nutrition House, while man usually tend to head over the high-tech areas like Gadgets@, Wireless Wave or Electronics Boutique. The Fairview Mall is designed in a contemporary style for everyone to enjoy, equipped with all major shopping areas possible. The overall expansion of the center was made to provide space for additional shops, to offer in one place everything people might need. The Fairview even has traveling agencies on the third floor like Sears or Marlin; moreover, for tourists the facility has also a rent-a-car service and a flight center. All in all, people might need an entire day to explore all the amenities of the shopping mall.  Because the location is one of the newest in Toronto, various customers consider it also accessible and assorted, suitable for their shopping spree.


Attracted by the most recent brand and shops, dwellers and tourists will have a great opportunity to find great clothes and taste excellent food. In case you’re interested to find out more information about the main stores and greatest brands, check out the official website of the Fairview Mall Take advantage of all the promotions, stay in touch with all the sales and decide to spend an amazing time off within one of Toronto’s finest shopping centers.

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The Grimsby Farmers' Market, Toronto
Published: Jan 27, 2011

Established for the first time in 2008, the motto of Grimsby Farmers' Market is to promote the freshness of vegetables, fruits, meat, herbs and spices, among many other products. Initially recognized as a homegrown market, the vendors from the location promote their own effort when selling their products. For almost 2 years they have managed to expand their business and advertise their groceries. Thus, by making people come to the market, all vendors are trying their best to show people the healthy side of grocery goods. Welcoming locals interested in the healthiest merchandise, the Grimsby Farmers' Market is more like a community where the people sponsor nourishing and beneficial provisions.


From the most alluring baked goods to flowers and honey, from natural plants and herbs to organic preservatives, the society highlights nature, original vegetable growth and health for their crops. Farm vendors are supporting their products and they sell it to locals who are looking to eat the healthiest food. Located in Grimsby, Ontario, the Farmer’s Market is indeed the best way to stay fit and far away from all chemicals available on daily stores.


There are also various benefits for those who shop from the market. To begin with, all vegetables, fruits and other groceries are seasonal, fresh and delicious. Because family farmers have diminished over the years, the people of Ontario have a great opportunity to give them support and help them move on with their business. Moreover, without using any chemical pesticides, the Famer’s Market is a healthy and welcoming place, full of tradition and happy people ready to offer the best products to its clientele. One more advantage of the marketplace is the fact that it’s authentic.


 Some goods are not available in supermarkets giving customers the chance to experience every day brand new Canadian tastes. And since tradition is all over the place, in Grimsby, vendors will be more than happy to offer tips and advice regarding the best way of cooking, what preserving methods to use and what organic chemicals are recommended for a vigorous crop growth.


 Overall, the community is united and they support their tradition; they value their products and they guarantee that everything they’re selling is 100% natural and healthy. The Grimsby Farmers' Market is indeed a place not to be missed in Toronto because it has valuable products, unaltered by pollution and benefic for the human body. The official website of the market is  and it’s available for everyone who wants to have a closer look at all the vendors and their products.  Purchase the healthiest fruits and vegetable, live strong and decide to pay a visit Grimsby Farmers' Market in order to experience the natural aspect of Canadian groceries.

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Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Ontario Science Center
Published: Jan 27, 2011

Recognized as children’s most beloved wizard of all times, Harry Potter’s Exhibition at the Ontario Science Center is one of the most awaited events of the year. Held only in Boston and Chicago in 2009, Toronto has the privilege to host the exhibition in 2010, and it has been opened since April. The idea of the exposition belonged to Global Experience Specialists in cooperation with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. Created to make everyone taste from Harry’s mystical world, fans will actually witness real objects from the films. The event has everything from costumes to magical potions, to over 400 items from the Harry Potter movies.  Moving around and truly seeing the set from Harry’s world will be great for fans, who have been waited for so long for this opportunity.


At the show there will be 40 characters and 19 creatures from the films who will be performing, over 17 vands and 25 robes.  Moreover, some actual sets will be created so as to make fans believe that they’re actually living the wizard’s magical world. The Ontario Science Center will recreate the The Great Hall, Hagrid's Hut and the Gryffindor in order to allow everyone to get into the wizard’s far-fetched society. The setting of the exhibition began in March 2010 and had to endure over 3000 hours of hard work. One of the most difficult pieces of the exhibition was the installation of the The Hogswarts Express; however, in the end, the entire event along with all the modifications proved to be a huge success. The ones who will be hosting the display will be actors James and Oliver Phelps, the Weasley twins playing in the Potter films. They will be the ones who will introduce all fans into the exhibitions, revealing a bit from their acting experience in the films.


In order to take full advantage of the sets, admission within the presentation is $27.50 for adults, $23.50 for seniors and $20 for children under 12 years old. Nevertheless, the official website of the entire show, , will offer any additional information. Fans will also be able to purchase their preferred tickets online, as well as have a closer look at all the items, sets and characters from the event.  


Since its beginning in 2009, it has been an innovative idea to provide fanatics with such an exhibition, especially since Harry Potter has been converted into a landmark all around the word, when it comes to fantasy cinematography and literature. With millions of books sold worldwide and a huge box office ranking, the Ontario Science Center in Toronto is proud to host in 2010 such an awaited show which will surely fulfill every young kid’s dream, to live Harry Potter’s world.


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