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canada.com Article
Jump to: Newspapers, TV, Radio --NEWSPAPERS-- National Post Victoria Times Colonist The Province ... Toronto Toronto; Ottawa Ottawa; Montréal Montréal; Halifax Halifax ...
si.goldencan.comsi.goldencan.com/moreinfo/go.aspx?sid=b513221e-a622-489b-8c26-12b1eb12398c&rid=7B48D80F719... · 18.12.2006 CJC
... Jewish group wants apology for pit bull comment: Feb 03, 2005 - Alan Findlay / The Toronto Sun - Nazi analogy furor; Vet ripped for comparing Pit Bull ban to ... No charges for 'hate-filled attack' on Jews ...
... exasperatedly trying to refute idiotic things written in the Toronto ... I hesitate to say that Red Bull tastes "better" (than anything ... Rumour is the CBC was looking at the Razor, but physicists warned ...
azerbic - Antonia Zerbisias - Toronto Star Blog: May 2006
and David Common , who is currently a national reporter for CBC News in Toronto, will ... to post a letter from Alan Parker, deputy managing editor of the Toronto Sun , who complained about my attack on ...
caveat :: Main Page
... neighbourhood is reeling after this afternoon's deadly attack more ... On CBC Radio's Ontario Today show more » ... WHY DO THEY PERSECUTE 'PIT BULL' OWNERS?
University of Toronto - - News@UofT - - News Digest - - (May 16, 2006)
He noted of 55 dogs involved in 23 fatal attacks in Canada since 1983, only one was a pit bull. "There are scads of pit bulls out there who are safe,...
Attorney General Michael Bryant
He then said he had received e-mails from pit bull owners stating that their dog ... A brief section of my interview was aired on Toronto’s CBC Radio One,...
CBC News Indepth: Dogs
They seem to come in bunches: attacks by dangerous dogs. Saturday, Aug. 28, 2004. Toronto police fire more than a dozen bullets into two pit bulls that had...
gladwell.com: Pit Bulls...
IMHO, I think Pit bulls head the list - no wonder we in toronto want them banned ! ... of you that think only Pit Bulls attack it will help open your eyes...
Banning Dangerous Dog Breeds
You hear stories in the news all the time about unprovoked attacks by pit bulls. A man in Toronto was walking two pit bulls for a friend when they suddenly...
Many unreported pit bull attacks: Ontario minister
Many unreported pit bull attacks: Ontario minister. Last Updated: Thursday, September 9, 2004 | 2:11 PM ET. CBC News. The pit bull problem is much bigger ...
If the dog involved in the Oshawa incident IS a 'pit bull', then the ban is obviously not working to protect the public from random attacks by dogs which ...
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