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bstract The mating system of the Australian lycaenid butterfly ...
Abstract The mating system of the Australian lycaenid butterfly, Jalmenus evagoras , is highly ... Influence of multiple matings on fecundity and longevity of female cabbage looper moths (Lepi-

... this link: http://www.bugbios.com/entophiles/lepidoptera/lepi ... Toronto, On Canada - Tuesday, May 23, 2000 at 19:06:12 (MDT) ... Dear butterfly scientist you are great at doing this butterfly stuuf.

by Monarch Watch, Monarchs in the Classroom, the Monarch Butterfly ... The occurrence and abundance of Danaus plexippus L. (Lepi- ... further developed at a meeting sponsored by WWF-Canada in Toronto ...

Inet Kuvar
... praviti njoke, posipati brasnom da se testo ne lepi za ... Branka, Toronto] P.S. Deca obozavaju ovo jelo . Torta" od pilecih grudi ... racica 'Green Prawns' ocistite i presecite kao 'Butterfly ...

Haiku Books: A Bibliography of Books
Toronto, Ontario: The Haiku Society of Canada, 1978. Reprint of 1969 edition, signed. ... Drevniok, Betty, and others. Stained-glass Butterfly . Haiku Canada Sheet, 1988.

JSTOR: Butterfly Ecology
The selection of food- plants with special reference to lepi- dopterous larvae. ... The Monarch Butterfly. Toronto: Univ. Toronto Press. 361 pp. 248...

Maintenance of narrow diet breadth in the monarch butterfly ...
balance in favor of stimulation of feeding by lepi-. dopteran larvae... Urquhart, F. A., 1960. The Monarch Butterfly. University of Toronto...

JSTOR: Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus) Thermoregulatory ...
The monarch butterfly. University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. ... Vernal migra- tion of the monarch butterfly (Danaus p. plexippus, Lepi-...

cant butterfly habitats in fragmented. landscapes. Oecologia 92:563-67. 147, Thomas JA. 1983. The ecology and con-. servation of Lysandra bellargus (Lepi-...

Journal of The Lepidopterists' Society (JLS): 1988-42(4)295-Frank.htm
Much of the information Urquhart presents may be found in his earlier book (Urquhart, F. A. 1960, The monarch butterfly, Univ. Toronto Press, Canada, 361 pp...


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