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Canadian Literature: Issue No. 124/125
... Coyote Learns To Whistle , Coyote Sees The Prime Minister , Coyote Goes To Toronto and The City On The Hill by Thomas King. The Dancing Sun and The Water ...

Trickster Selected Bibliography
King, Thomas. "Poems: Coyote Learns to Whistle, Coyote Sees the Prime Minister, and Coyote Goes to Toronto." In Native Writers and Canadian Writing , ed.

Coyote Chronicles 2002
... marathons; and showing my canines as Coyoteman Hendrix, the Coyote ... Weber; my chief resident from Ohio State University, Thomas ... My ARROGANT IGNORANCE (AI, not artificial intelligence) award goes ...

2004 Novels and Collections The Sunburst Award
... on the Plain of Ghosts (New Westminster BC, Flying Monkey Press, 2004) TD King, Thomas, Coyote's New Suit (Toronto, Key ... SHORTLIST FOR THE 2005 SUNBURST AWARD. AND THE 2005 SUNBURST GOES TO...

Babel: Sections: Tome: (Re)Invention And Contextualization In ...
The Intertextual Coyote (Re)Envisions History. Thomas King’s novel Green Grass ... Alberta, a professor at the University of Toronto ... You got the wrong song. . . . This song goes ...

Patricia Linton - "And Here's How It Happened": Trickster ...
"And Here's How it happened": Trickster Discourse in Thomas King's Green... "Okay, okay, here goes," says Coyote. "In the beginning, there was nothing."...

Ubcpress.ca :: University of British Columbia Press
Coyote Learns to Whistle; Coyote Sees the Prime Minister; Coyote Goes to Toronto; The City on the Hill / Thomas King The Dancing Sun; The Water Moved an...

JSTOR: Coyote's Cannon: Sharing Stories with Thomas King
Wherever he goes, he enters the stories of that place... King, Thomas. Green Grass, Running Water. Toronto: Harper Collins, 1993. Melville, Herman...

Jennifer Courtney Elizabeth Andrews and Priscilla L. Walton ...
GoodWeather, Hartley [aka Thomas King]. DreadfulWater Shows Up. Toronto: HarperCollins, ... "Coyote Goes Slapstick." Books in Canada 22.3 (1993): 40–1...

Wherever he goes, he enters the stories of that place... Also like Coyote, Thomas King plays with a multitude of mutually intersecting stories...


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