Cosmopolitan Toronto Centre Hotel and Spa

The Cosmopolitan Centre Hotel and Spa is situated in the middle of Toronto’s Financial Districts and shopping centers, a location where everyone will find multiple stores and amenities to take advantage of.  The facility feature pure luxury, comfort and hospitality, suitable for every type of guest.

Designed by specialist Sylvia Noble throughout the interior, the place dignifies a warm and intimate touch, where the joy of the Canadian staff and the lively atmosphere will make every customer contended.

The rooms of the hotel are spacious, welcoming and luxurious, equipped with top class amenities like flat screens, mini bars, room service, air purifiers and dryers in order to make the stay of every guest as soothing as possible.  The design of the condos is modern and contemporary; the windows are wide from top to bottom offering an amazing view of the city, while the warm colors will create a relaxing and tranquil ambiance for everyone. Combining the contemporary touch of Feng Shui with brightness and peace, every room is indeed a true Zen garden. The upgraded interior of every room is more than vivacious offering a tremendous opportunity to neglect all former problems and enjoy an amazing vacation within the Cosmopolitan Centre Hotel in Toronto.

Apart from the accommodation facilities, the Cosmopolitan offers to its customers great entertainment opportunities. The spa, for instance is the main place tourists are drawn to attend, because it offers an ambiance of pure relaxation and an excellent chance to loosen up and rest your body. Presenting various treatments for the mind and body, the Shizen Spa is just the ultimate retreat. After the most recreational visit to the spa, every customer is more than welcomed to try out The Eight Wine Restaurant, an exquisite combination of tasteful food and high class wines. The décor of the place is elegant and attractive, ideal to make every visitor feel as comfortable as possible. The staff is presentable and attentive, the menu comes up with multiple of choices, while the overall vibe is calm and serene. Delicious meals will complete your vacation and the ingenious cocktails will make every customer feel at ease.

Regarding other fun activities, you may opt for a personal trainer, take advantage of the beauty salons or just walk around Toronto to have a closer look at the incredible city. Since the main goal of the Cosmopolitan Hotel is to make everyone feel at home, all employees will make sure to offer complete guidance about Toronto and its most acclaimed attractions. For those who would like to find out more information about the hotel, the official website has all the details. Decide to spend an amazing vacation, find out more about Canada and accommodate at the Cosmopolitan Centre & Spa for some real time tranquility.

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