Centre Island -Toronto

When life gets too hectic in Toronto, head to the fabulous Centre Island. It’s a great place to unwind and slacken your pace. The Centre Island is just a short ferry ride away from downtown Toronto and is an idyllic getaway from the humdrum of the city. The crescent-shaped island rests between Ward’s Island and Hanlan’s Point and features amusement parks, gardens, bicycle paths, eateries and even a farm.

A trip to Centre Island is a great family outing especially if you have pre-teen kids. But then again, people of all ages will find something to do here. One of the main attractions on Centre Island is a cute amusement park called Centreville Amusement Park. A treat for kids, it exudes an early 20th century feel and includes vintage carousels, swan boats, a miniature railway and a sky ride.

The Far Enough

Caribana Toronto

Every summer, Toronto explodes in a symphony of color, sound and oodles of entertainment. Caribana is a festival that felicitates Caribbean culture and heritage and is held each summer in Toronto. It’s become a major tourist attraction and swarms of people from across the globe come to participate in the festivities each year. Caribana is held on Toronto’s lakeshore and has gained the reputation of being North America’s largest street festival.

The Caribana is a Carnival event and rakes in the moolah by the million thanks to the hoards of tourists it attracts. Over the years, the festival has given quite a boost to the local economy of Toronto. The festivities take place across three fun-filled weeks of masquerade, calypso and street parades. The Caribana was first held in 1967 and has been consecutively held ever since. Read more...

Toronto Magnotta Winery

Few things complement food better than wine. And when in Canada, there are few things better than touring the Magnotta Winery. Magnotta has seven locations across Ontario and has become one of Ontario’s leading wineries in terms of sales volume. Its flagship facility is in Vaughan, Northern Toronto and offers tours to travelers seeking an exciting new experience.

The Magnotta Winery is quite easily accessible and is just a few minutes away from Downtown, Toronto. The Magnotta Wineries were founded by Gabe and his wife Rossana in 1990. The fledgling business encountered staggering roadblocks but still went on to become a roaring success. It was all thanks to Gabe’s remarkable business acumen. Unfortunately, Gabe is no more. He succumbed to Lyme disease in December 2009 but his passion lives on in the wineries that are a living tribute to his Read more...

Textile Museum Toronto

A visit to a textile museum may not have you jumping up and down with excitement but surprisingly enough it could turn out to be an interesting way to spend some time. Drop by the Textile Museum of Canada if you want a reprieve from typical touristy hotspots. It’s a cool arty place that focuses on fabric art and is supposed to be one of Toronto’s most intriguing visual art centers.

The buzzword at the museum is ‘diversity.’ It houses more than 12000 objects from over 200 countries and regions. You’ll come across garments, traditional fabrics, carpets and other trinkets like beads and baskets. But don’t go expecting a sophisticated presentation of this art work. The display is rather rudimentary but then the museum never claims otherwise. After all, it is a little museum devoted almost entirely to textile Read more...

Kensington Market – Toronto

It’s hard to stay away from clichés while describing Kensington Market. The first few words that come to mind are ‘colorful’, ‘bustling’ and ‘ethnic’. Kensington market is practically a legend in Toronto and among the most photographed. It is chock full of shops and stalls selling a variety of produce. It also has quite an intriguing history with the original market dating back to the 1790s.

Kensington Market is best navigated on foot or perhaps a bicycle whatever you prefer. This maze of alleys is located just west of Chinatown and is bordered by College Street in the North and Dundas Street in the South. The market is a wellspring of legumes, fresh fruit and dry goods stores. You can get your hands on some of the best meat and local produce on these congested little streets.

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